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Newspaper Date Note
Alwatan Daily News Aug. 15th, 2000 Court Case about stolen pictures belong to Mesh'al.
Alwajaha Magazine April, 2000 Receiving an Award.
Alwatan Daily News Feb. 25th, 2000 Receiving an Award.
Alqabas Daily News Feb. 16th, 2000 Participating in Hala Febrayer 2000 exhibition.
Bazaar Magazine - Report
Bazaar Magazine May, 1998 Report
Alseyasa Daily News May. 23rd, 1998 Receiving Awards.
Alray Al'aam Daily News May. 16th, 1998 Receiving Awards.
Alwatan Daily News May. 8th, 1998 Receiving Awards.
Alwatan Daily News May. 6th, 1998 Receiving Awards.
Kuwait Times Daily News April. 16th, 1998 Winning the 5th Annual Kuwait Times Competition
Alray Al'aam Daily New April. 25th, 1998 Participating in an exhibition.
Samra Magazine July, 1997 Report
Alyaqaza Magazine June. 19th, 1997 Opening his "Non-Exhibition!" exhibition at Kuniv.
Alanba' Daily News Mar. 31st, 1997 Salah Alsayer Article
Alwatan Daily News Mar. 30th, 1997 News about "Non-Exhibition!".
Afaaq (Kuniv Magazine) Mar. 29th, 1997 News about "Non-Exhibition!".
Multiple News


News about "Non-Exhibition!".
Kuwait Magazine Dec. 1st, 1996 Report about his art works (Cover Main Subject)
Business College Annual Book 1995-1996 Book Report about the student Mesh'al Al-Qena'ei
Alsho'la Magazine Oct, 1996 Interview
Samra Magazine Sep. 1996 Interview
Alqabas Daily News June 12th - 13th, 1996 Interview
Alwatan Daily News May. 25th, 1996 Report about first exhibition.
Alray Al'aam Daily News May. 23rd, 1996 Report about his first exhibition "Diaspora".
Alseyasa Daily News May. 20th, 1996 Report about the first exhibition.
Alwatan Daily News May. 19th, 1996 Point of view about his art works.
Altale'aa Magazine May. 15th, 1996 Interview about "Diaspora".
Alqabas Daily News May. 14th, 1996 Report about "Diaspora".
Kuwait Times Daily News May. 13th, 1996 Report about the first exhibition.
Altale'aa Magazine May. 4th, 1996 Report




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