Exhibitions he participated in:

الترجمة العربية


·      The 3rd photographic exhibition of the mass communication department at Kuniv in April 1998.


·      The 12th spring plastic arts exhibition for Kuniv students, held in April 1998 at the faculty of administrative sciences.


·      The photographic exhibition in Kuniv, organized by the dean of students’ affairs at the faculties of sciences in March 1998.


·      The plastic arts exhibition of Oman festival in February 1998.


·      The 2nd Kuwaiti photographic exhibition dubbed photographer touch, which was held in Abdul Aziz Hussein cultural center in Mishref, Kuwait, in April 1997.


·      The 2nd photographic exhibition of the mass communications department at KU in April 1997.


·      The 11th spring exhibition for plastic arts of Kuniv students in may 1997 at the administrative sciences faculty.


·      The 11th photography exhibition of the GCC youths, held in the Kuwaiti plastic arts society in March 1997.


·      Al-Qurain 3rd cultural festival in December 1996 in Kuwait.


·      The 8th joint exhibition of Kuniv and PAAET in December 1996. It was held in PAAET’s girls’ college in Al-Shamiya, Kuwait.


·      The exhibition of plastic arts and photography held in the engineering faculty on the occasion of Kuniv’s 30th anniversary in November 1996.


·      The first administrative sciences faculty exhibition for plastic arts in Kuniv in October 1996.


·      The second gulf cultural week of the GCC universities in the faculty of engineering in March 1996.


·      The 10th Spring plastic arts exhibition for Kuniv students in the faculty of commerce, economy and political sciences in March 1996.


·      The first cultural week of the universities of the six states of the gulf cooperation council (GCC) in Saudi Arabia in April 1995.


·      Al-Qurain first cultural festival in Kuwait in November 1994.


·      The first Andalus exhibition in Seville, Spain, in April 1994.


·      The media photographic exhibition about the Iraqi invasion in august 1991 in Kuwait teachers' society.






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