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         Mesh'al Taleb Abdulilah Al-Qena'ei, One of the talented photographer artist in Kuwait. He was born in Kuwait on January 10, 1971. He has a bachelor degree in economics from Kuwait University (Kuniv) with a very good (B) grade in 1997. Also, he has a diploma in administration from the public authority for applied education and training (PAAET) with an excellent and honorship (A) grade in 1993.

         Al-Qena'ei started working in local press since 1987. In 1988-89 worked in Al-Watan daily newspaper and Afaq paper of Kuniv. After the 1991-liberation of Kuwait: he worked in Al-Qabas daily newspaper. Also, while he studied in the Kuwait University, he worked in the general hosting and conference department at the ministry of finance. Then, he worked in the economic researches department at the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) until he was awarded a scholarship for masters and doctorate degree from Kuniv (College of administrative sciences-economics department) in 1999 to the USA, which he did not go because of personal reasons.


Mesh'al Al-Qena'ei passed several media and economic training courses from Kuniv, PAAET, the ministry of information, and non-government organizations (NGOS). Details.


Also, he is a member in some NGOS. He practiced Photography as a hobby through which he participated in exhibitions in and outside Kuwait. Details.


Al-Qena'ei received a number of awards in photography. Details. Also, he received medals and was honored in various occasions. Details.


To see his personal pictures please go to his Personal Album.



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